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          Hospice home care, grief counseling, emotional support, volunteer help, hospice services for children, and information resources are just some of the programs and services receiving grants from the Hospice Foundation for 2002-2003. A record $1,366,375 was awarded at the Hospice Foundation's 6th Annual Meeting on September 18, 2003.

     With these grants, the Hospice Foundation is supporting a full spectrum of grief and bereavement needs, as well as a range of home and inpatient care and support services for those at the end of life, and their families.

     Each of these organizations serve the Central Coast community with personalized care that takes time, a special touch, or a uniquely different approach. They help ensure a loved one's dying experience is met with comfort, compassion, and dignity, and that his family is supported with understanding, information and support.

     No family's experience is ever the same when a loved one has a life-threatening illness, and often a network of services is needed to give a family the tools and information they need to care for a loved one at home, or to recover successfully from their loss.

     The Hospice Foundation is proud to partner with the following organizations so that no one dies alone or in pain, and that all who need comfort and care at the end-of-life have access to these programs:


C O M M U N I T Y    H O S P I T A L   O F   M O N T E R E Y   P E N I N S U L A - $1,000,000 Back to TopHospice Foundation of the Central Coast

     This grant helps fund Community Hospital's in-the-home hospice care program that serves residents of Monterey and San Benito counties, and the hospice inpatient care program at Hospice House in Monterey. It also helps support the operation of three Resource Centers in Monterey, Salinas and Hollister that offer a range of educational resources and support groups for patients and families. This funding helps close the gap between what it costs the hospice program to provide care and what is received in reimbursements, such as from Medicare or private insurance. The Resource Center services are offered free to the public with no source of reimbursement so the grant helps keep these vital support services available to the public.

C E N T R A L   C O A S T
  V I S I T I N G   N U R S E
A S S O C I A T I O N  &   H O S P I C E  -  $195,000
Back to TopHospice Foundation

     A home health care provider on the Central Coast of California for more than 50 years, the Visiting Nurse Association began providing Medicare-certified hospice care five years ago. This grant assists VNA recover its unreimbursed costs to provide care to adults and children.

    This grants also helps VNA develop its south Monterey County end-of-life care and hospice program. Medicare-certified hospice care was not easily available to residents in this rural area until this grant helped bring VNA services to them.

J O H N   X X I I I   A I D S   M I N I S T R Y - $70,000
Back to TopHospice Foundation of the Central Coast
    This grant helps fund John XXIII AIDS Ministry's volunteer support services, the backbone of this agency's work with persons living with HIV/AIDS and their families or caregivers. People afflicted with this devastating illness often feel isolated and alone. They turn to John XXIII for connection to community services, and help in coping with their illness.

C A T H O L I C   C H A R I T I E S ,
D I O C E S E   O F   M O N T E R E Y - $15,000
Back to TopHospice Foundation of the Central Coast
     Catholic Charities often picks up where hospice bereavement services leave off one year after the loss of a loved one. Sometimes people need bereavement hlep after that time period covered by hospice, and sometimes people were not part of a hospice program to begin with. Catholic Charities fills these community gaps to offer this specialized support, particularly in cases where people are having difficulty in their grief recovery.

H O S P I C E  CA R I N G  PR O J E C T  O F  
S A N T A  C R U Z  C O U N T Y - $10,000
Back to TopHospice Foundation of the Central Coast
     This grant continues to fund hospice care and bereavement services for residents in the North Monterey County communities of Pajaro, Murphy's Crossing, Watsonville Junction, Las Lomas, Aromas, Chittenden and other locations, as well as in San Benito County. Because of their location, these families most often receive hospice services from Hospice Caring Project, which is based in Aptos (Santa Cruz County).

This funding helps Caring Project close the gap between what it costs to provide hospice care to these northern Monterey County and San Benito County communities and what is reimbursed from Medicare, Med-Cal, and private insurance programs.

C O M P A S S I O N A T E    C A R E    A L L I A N C E -  
Back to TopHospice Foundation of the Central Coast
     This grant funds the activities of CCA to raise public awareness and initiate the public's dialogue about end-of-life care choices and planning. Raising dialogue will draw attention to the need to improve access to quality, compassionate end of life care for local residents. Working at the local level, CCA is part of a national movement to affect positive changes in the way end of life care is delivered in the United States.

S U I C I D E   P R E V E N T I O N  S E R V I C E S
O F   T H E   
C E N T R A L    C O A S T   -  $10,000
Back to TopHospice Foundation of the Central Coast
     A diagnosis of a life-threatening illness in some people can bring on feelings of deep despair and anxiety, and the overwhelming fear of becoming a burden to their families. In extreme cases, these feelings can sometimes lead to thoughts of suicide. Also, a surviving spouse or other family member not expecting to lose a loved one so quickly to the illness can be left unprepared and in paralyzing grief and loneliness, even considering taking their own life. The Hospice Foundation recognizes that these cases need immediate and specialized intervention that is not found in traditional grief support programs to avert the desperate feelings of suicide and hopelessness. This grant to Suicide Prevention funds a grief intervention and counseling program that deals with these specific issues.

H A Z E L   H A W K I N S  M E M O R I A L
H O S P I T A L      -  $20,675
Back to TopHospice Foundation of the Central Coast
     This grant establishes a palliative care program for inpatient and convalescent hospital residents. This is the first such grant Hospice Foundation has awarded Hazel Hawkins. Hospice Foundation has also funded the start up of palliative care programs at Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital and Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula. An emering medical specialty, palliative care blends the best of both worlds: the ability to continue aggressive treatment hoping for a cure and all of the wonderful comfort measures and support that hospice care provides. Medicare-certified hospice care is available only to those patients who are no longer seeking aggressive, curative therapies so this grant offers a new kind of hope for Hazel Hawkins patients.

     Since 1997, Hospice Foundation has given $7.4 million in grants to help these service providers work together to address the myriad of supportive emotional, bereavement, caregiving, hospice and home health care for local patients at the end of life, and their families caring for them.

    For more information about the criteria used to determine the awarding of these grants, please call the Hospice Foundation at (831) 333-9023, or e-mail
Alice Kinsler, President and Chief Executive Officer, Hospice Foundation. Or, click here for a description of the Foundation's Grant Guidelines.

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