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The Hospice Foundation offers a variety of publications, all of which are described below.

Publication topics range from news and background on the Hospice Foundation to bereavement and patient support booklets, to publications that describe hospice care as well as how to set up a will or trust, and information about the tax-saving benefits of charitable estate planning.

Please scroll through the descriptions, click on the title of the publications you desire, complete the form at the bottom with your name and address and click on "Send form". Hospice Foundation offers a maximum of two complimentary copies each of the publications for residents of Monterey and San Benito counties. For requests of additional copies, or for requests outside of Monterey and San Benito counties, California, there is a nominal fee per copy, plus shipping charges. And please note that some publications are available only while supplies last. If you have any questions, please call us at (831) 333-9023.

Newsletter - No. of copies

The Hospice Foundation newsletter includes news of the organization, grant-making activities, fund management updates, and planned giving tips. The newsletter is published in April and November.

Annual Report - No. of copies

The Hospice Foundation publishes its annual report to the community in early September, following the close of the fiscal year June 30. The report includes financial statements, a review of activities and accomplishments over the last year, and a preview of the coming year.

Brochure - No. of copies

The Hospice Foundation brochure includes an overview and description of the Foundation's activities, with a definition of hospice care and information about how to make a charitable gift.

A Time to Remember Loved Ones and Friends - No. of copies

The Hospice Foundation Memorial Giving brochure describes how you can dedicate a gift in memory of someone.

Planning Matters - No. of copies

Planning Matters is a four-page newsletter about estate and charitable gift planning ideas, written in simple, understandable language. It includes practical information and tips to consider when writing or updating your will, trusts, or other planning documents. Planning Matters is published twice a year.

New Planning Matters in now available in .pdf format. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you don't have it, download it now for free by clicking on the Adobe icon. Get Acrobat Reader.
Click here for Planning Matters in .pdf

Hospice Care Information

Pamphlets published by the National Hospice Organization on the history and concept of hospice care are available at no charge from the Hospice Foundation. Select from the following list:

You Matter to the Last Moment of Your Life, which answers the 20 most commonly asked questions about hospice care.
No. of copies

The Basics of Hospice, which briefly describes how hospice differs from other types of healthcare services, how the Medicare Hospice Benefit covers hospice care, and about the growth of the hospice industry in the United States.
No. of copies

Notes to My Family - No. of copies

This 36-page booklet, developed by the Hospice Foundation, is a helpful guide to be used by your survivors when carrying out your wishes in the event of your death or incapacity. $5.00 per copy for requests of "Notes" outside of Monterey and San Benito counties. Please print and send this form, enclosing your check payable to Hospice Foundation, to the address above. We'll mail your copies directly upon receipt.

Notes to My Family contains numerous sections for you to fill out, indicating, for example, the locations of important papers, such as your will, stock certificates, insurance policies, or the names and addresses of your business and personal advisors. It also contains sections for your burial wishes and funeral plans, and special messages to family members. Sample letters are also provided to assist your survivors when they need to write such agencies as the Social Security Administration or the Veteran's Administration on your behalf.

Tiles of Life - No. of copies

This brochure describes the Hospice Foundation's Tiles of Life donor recognition program. Hundreds of 3" x 6" hand-painted ceramic tiles decorate the hallways of Hospice House in Monterey, California. Each tile represents a gift of $1,000 and above in support of hospice patient care and is inscribed with the name of the donor, the donor's family, a friend or a loved one. 

Planned Giving Information

Hospice Foundation offers a variety of excellent charitable planned giving pamphlets, all of which describe the tax-saving and income-producing benefits of certain plans. Select from the following list:

A Partnership for the Future
-an overview of the ways to make a planned gift, as well as information on the Helen Westland Legacy Society.
No. of copies

Your Will to Help
No. of copies

Giving Real Estate
No. of copies

Giving Through Retirement Plans
No. of copies

Giving Through Life Income Plans
No. of copies

Giving through Living Trusts
No. of copies

Ways to Give
No. of copies

Charitable Solutions to Investment Dilemmas
No. of copies

The Gift Annuity-Guaranteed Payments for Life
No. of copies

Deferred Gift Annuities
No. of copies

Single-Minded Planning
No. of copies

Insuring Tomorrow
No. of copies

How to Make a Will that Works
No. of copies

Update Your Will
No. of copies

Art of Gift Planning
No. of copies

Planning for Women
No. of copies

Your IRA Legacy
No. of copies

Bereavement and Family Support Pamphlets
by Barbara Karnes

 Gone From My Sight, The Dying Experience
A pamphlet describing what families can expect in the final days, weeks or months of their loved one's life.
No. of copies

A Time To Live
How patients living with a life-threatening illness can gain a better understanding of the process, and improve their outlook
No. of copies

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